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D.I.L.F. Does Fire Island :: Colton Ford in Pines Musical

by Tony Phillips
Tuesday Nov 1, 2011

Glenn Soukesian knows all about the soul-sucking drain of an industry based on greed, exploitation and the suffering of others. He used to work in a bank. "I was working a corporate gig," he explains, "but I was still writing and recording. That’s just what I’ve always done."

Soukesian-who using name Colton Ford burned brightly, but briefly for three years just after 9/11--was previously signed by music industry heavyweight Denise Rich and collaborated with DJ Frankie Knuckles. He details the 90s as a decade when multiple major label deals--two of them with Virgin Records--came together and then fell apart. Enter Wells Fargo.

"What I was doing was great," he says of his bank job. "I was managing their volunteer program for five states." But what he calls "corporate positioning and play," or those machinations by which an executive’s wife would ring him up asking for 500 volunteers from the employee-driven program for some charity event where she was a board member, eventually burned him out.

"It was just kind of wearing on me," he explains, "and with the creative spirit I have, I just felt a little stifled." It certainly wasn’t all bad and he remains friends with his former boss to this day, but he describes "the 9-5, same thing day in and day out" thing as no longer cutting it. "So I went to the other extreme for a minute," he laughs.

A porn star was born

He is referring, of course, to his brief but prodigious porn career whose 2001 genesis played like that ingenue turning point in the musical "42nd Street" and ended in 2003 with a GayVN Award for "Gay Performer of the Year" just before he retired from the business. His Peggy Sawyer moment came when his then-boyfriend’s scene partner for the film "Porn Struck" was shanghaied in New York when planes were grounded after 9/11. Peter Tiefenbach, better known by his nom de porn Blake Harper, asked if he’d like to come along to Palm Springs and come back a star.

"I thought about it," he recalls, "and I thought I’m not major label material anymore and I’m really just not feeling the whole corporate experience. And I was in the whole circuit party play-scene anyway, so it just seemed like, ’Let’s have an adventure.’ I was doing it with my boyfriend, who I loved and trusted, but I didn’t have any expectation of it. It was just to have an experience."

But that experience proved transformative down to the core of his identity. On the way from Los Angeles to the film’s Palm Springs set, the California desert town of Colton supplied his new first name. Shortly after shooting his first scene, he had dinner with Chi Chi LaRue. That director began the meal by screeching about a porn debut manufactured outside the Chi Chi LaRue imprimatur, but suggested somewhere before the check was dropped, "You need a strong last name, like a car." And Colton Ford was born.

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