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Boeing 787: From Dreamliner to Nightmare

By David Koenig, Michael Graczyk | Monday Jan 21, 2013
Some frequent fliers say they aren’t worried about safety aboard Boeing’s problem-plagued 787 aircraft, while many less-seasoned travelers are often unaware of what model of plane they’re flying on.

Boeing 787s not flying while problem addressed

Friday Jun 25, 2010
Boeing Co. says it has decided to inspect its five flight-test 787 jets before they fly again because of a quality problem found in a portion of the tail built by Italian manufacturer Alenia.

Second Boeing 787 to fly on Tuesday

Tuesday Dec 22, 2009
Boeing says its second 787 will take to the skies on Tuesday.

Boeing determined 787 will finally fly

By George Tibbits | Tuesday Dec 15, 2009
Weather permitting, Boeing Co. plans to finally get its new 787 jetliner into the air Tuesday, more than two years after it had intended.

Boeing 787: 1st flight could come Dec. 15

Friday Dec 11, 2009
Boeing Co. says the long-anticipated first flight of its new 787 jetliner could come as early as Tuesday.

Dreamliner finally set for take off

Friday Sep 4, 2009
The maiden flight of the much delayed Boeing 787 Dreamliner is set to happen before the end of the year. Read more...

Boeing Postpones 787 First Flight

Thursday Jul 2, 2009
Boeing recently announced that first flight of the 787 Dreamliner will be postponed due to a need to reinforce an area within the side-of-body section of the aircraft. Read more...

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