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GOP Senator Says Immigration Bill Could Decide 2016 Election

By Philip Elliott | Monday Jun 17, 2013
Republicans’ hopes to reclaim the White House in the 2016 elections hinge on whether they support - or sabotage - the immigration overhaul being debated in the Senate, two lawmakers who helped write the proposal warn.

Senate Panel Approves Immigration Bill; Nixes Gay Spouses

By David Espo And Erica Werner | Tuesday May 21, 2013
Far-reaching legislation that grants a chance at citizenship to millions of immigrants living illegally in the United States cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee on a solid bipartisan vote Tuesday night after supporters somberly sidestepped a controver

Will LGBT Amendments Bring Down Immigration Reform?

By Conswella Bennett | Tuesday May 21, 2013
Though LGBT groups remain optimistic on an inclusive LGBT immigration bill, some have raised concern that the gay amendments could destroy the bill’s chances of becoming law.

Committee Nears Final Big Immigration Decisions

By David Espo and Erica Werner | Tuesday May 21, 2013
The Senate Judiciary Committee hopes to pass a compromise on high-tech visas and may punt a controversy over gay marriage to the full Senate as it makes final drafting decisions on immigration legislation.

Obama Supports Including Gays in Immigration Bill

Saturday May 4, 2013
President Barack Obama says he supports recognizing gay unions in a broad immigration bill pending in Congress but won’t say whether he would sign legislation that fails to do so.

Activists Call for LGBT-Inclusive Immigration Bill

By Michelle Lim | Sunday Apr 28, 2013
LGBTs and their allies stood together on April 10 to demand that the Gang of 8 deliver comprehensive immigration reform.

A Risk Including Gay Partners in Immigration Bill?

By Josh Lederman | Thursday Apr 25, 2013
Frustrated at being left out of an immigration overhaul, gay rights groups are pushing to adjust a bipartisan Senate bill to include gay couples. But Democrats are treading carefully, wary of adding another divisive issue that could lose GOP support

Catholic Bishops Conflicted Over Gays, Immigration

By Rachel Zoll | Thursday Feb 7, 2013
The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops are in a difficult position as the debate over immigration reform gets underway: The American church, known for welcoming migrants and refugees, could end up opposing reform because it would recognize same-sex partners.

Harry Reid: Immigration Reform Needs to Protect Gay Couples

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Feb 5, 2013
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he expects the Senate to pass the immigration reform, which protects LGBT bi-national families, even though conservatives, including Sen. John McCain, have strongly opposed the idea.

Gay, Latino Groups Forge Immigration Alliance

By Lisa Leff | Monday Feb 4, 2013
Gay activists are betting on a newly forged but still fragile alliance between Latinos and the gay community that aims to make sure gay immigrants don’t fear deportation and can seek citizenship through same-sex marriage.