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Discount Airlines We Love to Hate

By David Koenig | Oct 8
Fans say the cheap tickets set the ultra-low-cost carriers apart in an industry where discomfort and inconvenience are now expected. But for many travelers, the new discounters take the aggravation to another level.

JetBlue Plants Seed With Farm-to-Tray-Table Concept

FOOD/DRINK | By Scott Mayerowitz | Oct 7
JetBlue Airways is trying to bring a little bit of country to the city - opening its own "farm" at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Long Flight Ahead for New United CEO

The new CEO of United Airlines faces a daunting list of problems he must fix, including late flights and technology that too often suffers embarrassing outages.

'Flawless' Response to Las Vegas Plane Fire

By Kimberly Pierceall, Sally Ho | Sep 9
British Airways Flight 2276 was accelerating for takeoff Tuesday when one of its engines caught fire, forcing the plane's 157 passengers and 13 crew members to escape on its emergency slides.

German Court Halts Lufthansa Strike After 1,000 Flights Nixed

Sep 9
A German court issued an injunction Wednesday ordering a halt to a strike by pilots at Lufthansa, Germany's biggest airline, that caused the cancelation of 1,000 flights affecting 140,000 travelers.

Flying to Cuba on Choice Aire

By Kelsy Chauvin | Aug 26
Considering Cuba? Choice Aire flys direct from key markets and helps travelers with visas, on-the-ground arrangements, and activities that celebrate the best of Cuban culture and history.

Friendly Skies: 5 Airline Improvements

CORPORATE | By Scott Mayerowitz | Jul 5
Packed planes Less legroom. Fewer frequent flier miles. Is that all summer travelers can look forward to? Thankfully, no.

Delta Goes First Class for Pride 2015

By EDGE | May 19
Delta Air Lines, a long-time supporter of the LGBT community, celebrates Pride Month this June as an official airline sponsor of seven Pride festivals across North America.

Summer Skies: Airlines to Fly Record Number of Passengers

By Scott Mayerowitz | May 18
A record number of travelers are expected to take to the skies this summer thanks to a rebounding economy.

The Beginning of the End for US Airways

By David Koenig | May 13
After more than 75 years of flying, the end is near for US Airways.

1 thru 10 of 94 Stories