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Oakland Pride Clarifies: Hide Okay - As Long As It's Tanned

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Sep 2, 2014
Oakland Pride kicked off its own event this weekend, but found itself embroiled in a near-tempest with media reports that the leather community had been disinvited.

Ghurka: For the Love of Leather

By Daniel Scheffler | Thursday Jun 26, 2014
Inspired by an antiquities auction in the 1970s, Ghurka has grown into a stylish leather goods brand that produces high-quality brands with international appeal yet uniquely American.

The Black Party

By Vince Pellegrino | Monday Mar 24, 2014
It is amazing how one venue can hold so many hot men in one place dancing, playing, and having an all around great time. If we could harness all the heat and energy that is being expelled during the Black Party, you could easily power the city for a week!

Mr. MAL 2014

By Doug Rule | Monday Jan 27, 2014
’’I was always the one in the back of the bar,’’ Joe Birdwell says. Up until fairly recently the 37-year-old lived a kind of shadowy existence, too inexperienced and too unsupported to engage beyond the margins of the leather and fetish communities.

Inaugural Mr. New England Leather Weekend Kicks Off Friday

By EDGE | Thursday Nov 21, 2013
Break out your chaps, harness, armbands and boots and head to Provincetown this weekend for the inaugural Mr. New England Leather weekend of events.

Fort Lauderdale Celebrates Leather Pride Oct. 10-13

By Denise Royal | Wednesday Oct 9, 2013
The Fourth annual Fort Lauderdale Leather Pride weekend kicks off on October 10. This year’s theme is a celebration of the past, present and future. Author Guy Baldwin is this year’s guest of honor.

Folsom Fair Celebrates 30th Year

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Thursday Sep 26, 2013
As it celebrates its 30th anniversary, the Folsom Street Fair is making some changes while honoring decades of leather and kink tradition, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, and welcoming newcomers.

Up Your Alley :: July 28, 2013

Friday Aug 2, 2013
Leather, kink, and flesh fetishists whipped, tied, spanked, and tortured their way through a fun filled day of BDSM at the smaller, filthier festival from Folsom Street Events. Edge was forced to render the extraordinary event - here’s the pics.

Stylish Leather Tablet/eBook Cases

Wednesday Dec 12, 2012
CoFi Cases are 100% genuine leather tablet and e-reader sleeves that are lined with a protective, shearling-style fabric. They are available in two sizes for your iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook, Nexus 7, iPad Mini and more.

Up Your Alley :: July 29, 2012

Thursday Aug 2, 2012
The human dogs and ponies were bound to have a spanking good time at Folsom Street Event’s kink and fetish fest. At the Mr. S Leather booth, live S&M demos drew the biggest crowds of gawkers. Edge "suffered" through it just for you - here are the pics!