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American Bar Association Publishes Legal Guide for Trans People

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Sep 10, 2013
The American Bar Association released a groundbreaking legal primer for transgender adults before, during, and after their transitions with regard to numerous legal spheres that in many states remains murky.

ABA Unanimously Passes Resolution Curtailing "Gay Panic" Defense

By Bobby McGuire | Tuesday Aug 13, 2013
The American Bar Association unanimously passed a resolution urging federal, state, local and territorial governments to pass legislation curtailing the availability and effectiveness of the use of "gay panic" defenses by criminal defendants.

ABA to Consider Banning "Gay Panic" Defense

By Bobby McGuire | Monday Jul 29, 2013
Next month during the American Bar Association’s Annual meeting in San Francisco, the organization’s policymaking body will vote on a resolution to make the "gay / trans panic" defense inadmissible in court.

National LGBT Bar Recognizes Advocates for Equality

By Winnie McCroy | Saturday Feb 16, 2013
On Feb. 7, the Dallas community came together to honor American Airlines with the National LGBT Bar Association’s Out & Proud Corporate Counsel Award.

Christian Legal Group Defies ABA on Gay Marriage

Friday Aug 13, 2010
The Alliance Defense Fund blasted the American Bar Association for actively supporting gay marriage on the eve of its annual convention.

Bar Association Vows to Fight DOMA

By Kilian Melloy | Monday Aug 10, 2009
The American Bar Association has resolved that LGBT couples married in the six states that allow it should be eligible for federal benefits.

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