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Irish Chef Clodagh McKenna Takes on St. Patrick's Favorites

By Kelsy Chauvin | Mar 17
Our exclusive interview with Irish chef Clodagh McKenna.

Sweet or Screwy? Sonic Plans Another Candy-Drink Mashup

By Candice Choi | Mar 16
Sugar is a bad word in some circles but that isn't stopping Sonic from pouring candy into its drinks.

Killer Ice Cream: 3 Hospital Patients Dead From Blue Bell

By Terry Wallace, Nicholas Clayton | Mar 16
The deaths of three people who developed a foodborne illness linked to some Blue Bell ice cream products have prompted the Texas icon's first product recall in its 108-year history.

Going Full Circle for Math and Pastries on a Special Pi Day

By Seth Borenstein | Mar 14
Today is the day when love of math and a hankering for pastry come full circle. Saturday is Pi Day, a once-in-a-year calendar date that this time squares the fun with a once-in-a-century twist.

Squawk! Fried Chicken Martini at LINQ's Brooklyn Bowl

By EDGE | Mar 12
Fried chicken meets vodka... makes one pause for a moment, but now consider mixing the best of both worlds into one savory martini. That's what Brooklyn Bowl is doing to celebrate its one-year anniversary in Las Vegas at The LINQ.

Chanel Creates French Bistro for Show: Lagerfeld Behind Bar

By Thomas Adamson | Mar 11
Karl Lagerfeld was caught moonlighting as a barman at "Brasserie Gabrielle" in Paris on Tuesday - but never fear, Chanel's couturier hasn't given up his day job.

Q&A With Culinary Cutie Curtis Stone

By Christine Armario | Mar 10
A conversation with celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

Where's the Beef? Shortage of Local Butchers

By Scott McFetridge | Mar 9
Demand for locally produced beef is surging as never before, but the butchers who for generations have prepared and sold meat to customers and markets are a dwindling profession.

Technology Raises Bar for High-End Mixology

By Michelle Locke | Mar 6
Want that cocktail shaken, not stirred? How about centrifuged? These days, it's possible as high-tech tools shake things up behind the bar with a razzle-dazzle flair that could make even an old fashioned feel newfangled.

Denmark Sets Michelin Record

By EDGE | Mar 5
Until now, Copenhagen has been the only Danish city to receive the attention of the Michelin guide but this year sees the launch of a new guide, Michelin Nordic Cities, allowing for Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus, to be included.

11 thru 20 of 3005 Stories