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Girl Scout Shatters Cookie Sale Record

Apr 9
Katie Francis, 12, of Oklahoma City, Okla., sold 21,477 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, shattering the previous record and gaining national attention in the process. Heather Hope reports.


Go for the Food: Las Vegas

By Hannah Dreier | Apr 9
You might not expect to find farm-to-table dining in Las Vegas. But that’s exactly why tourists are lining up at a rundown corner a few blocks near the old casinos in the town’s seedy core.

FDA: Honey With Any Added Sweeteners Isn’t Honey

By Mary Clare Jalonick | Apr 8
The Food and Drug Administration is taking steps to ensure that shoppers who buy honey are getting the real deal. New guidance issued Tuesday would prevent food companies from adding sugar or other sweeteners to pure honey and still calling it "honey."

Mud Hen Tavern’s Hangover Burger

A Taste of Comfort: Chef Susan Feniger’s New Mud Hen Tavern

By Kelsy Chauvin | Apr 7
Chef and Restaurateur Sue Feniger brings comfort food with a twist to L.A.’s dining scene.

Paula Deen

Paula Deen Restaurant Closes

By Russ Bynum | Apr 6
Paula Deen and her younger brother, Bubba, have shut off the fish fryer and locked the doors at the Savannah seafood restaurant that served as the backdrop to a workplace discrimination lawsuit that stained the celebrity cook’s reputation.

Town Hall Hotel

Bubble and Squeak: England’s Comeback Cuisine Makes Its Mark

By Laura Grimmer | Apr 4
While previously we Americans might have been jealous of the British for their dry sense of humor and their gin, we were always confident in one thing: Our food was better. No more. The British culinary scene is not on its way -- it has arrived.

Brent Ridge, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and two "kids."

Beekman Boys Arrive on Cape Cod for Culinary Weekend

By EDGE | Apr 3
Sage Inn & Lounge in Provincetown welcomes The Cooking Channel’s "Fabulous Beekman Boys and winners of "The Amazing Race" Season 21 for an entire weekend devoted to fine food and spirits. It will be their first appearance on Cape Cod.

Getting Tapped: Maple Syrup Goes High Tech

By Holly Ramer, Lisa Rathke | Apr 2
Maple syrup production has come a long way from metal buckets hung on trees, but even high-tech operations have had to rely on old-fashioned foot patrols to fix leaks. But now sugar-makers are harnessing new technology to keep the precious sap flowing.

Who’s in Hell Now? Restauranteur Ordered to Pay Lesbian Chef $1.6 Million

By EDGE | Apr 1
The owner of a small chain of Mexican restaurants learned an expensive lesson in tolerance when he was ordered by a New York appeals court to pay a lesbian chef $1.6 million for repeatedly saying at staff meetings that gay people were going to hell.

Sunland Inc. peanut butter and nut processing plant in eastern New Mexico, near Portales.

A Million Jars of Peanut Butter Dumped in Landfill

By Jeri Clausing | Apr 1
Nearly a million jars of peanut butter were dumped at a New Mexico landfill this week to expedite the sale of a bankrupt peanut-processing plant that was at the heart of a 2012 salmonella outbreak and nationwide recall.