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What is Trans Fat?

Jun 18
The FDA is phasing out artificial trans fats from the food supply, but people should limit their intake of saturated fats, too, which can also cause heart disease.

Finger Lickin' Vermin: KFC Allegedly Served Deep Fried Rat

By EDGE | Jun 17
Colonel Sanders' signature eleven herbs and spices couldn't mask the flavor of this.

FDA Tells Food Industry to Phase Out Trans Fats

By Mary Clare Jalonick | Jun 16
Popular foods like pie crusts, frostings and microwave popcorn will be largely rid of artery-clogging trans fats after a decision by the Obama administration to phase them out over the next three years.

Spread 'Em: This Summer's Hottest Condiment

By Laura Grimmer | Jun 12
Skip the mayo. Hold the ketchup. Mustard is making a comeback.

Celebrity Names Turn Marijuana into Cash Crop

Jun 11
Melissa Etheridge became an unlikely spokesperson for marijuana legalization. Today she is an even more unlikely entrepreneur, helping to create a marijuana-infused wine. Other celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong, and the Marley family.

Hybrid Grapes Boost Wine Industry in Cold Regions

By Mary Esch | Jun 10
Boutique wineries are popping up in unexpected places due to a host of new grape varieties.

Cocktail Culture: Bourbon Basics to Mezcal Favorites in Dallas

By Kelsy Chauvin | Jun 9
The latest from Big D is a cocktail landscape that not only adds gusto to old favorites, it shakes and stirs in ways that are giving other spirit-loving cities something to talk about.

Making Whiskey at Whip Crack Speed

By Michelle Locke | Jun 8
Everyone knows the secret to great whiskey is long, slow aging in oak barrels tucked away in cellars and warehouses for a decades-long nap. Or is it?

PepsiCo Looking to Launch Craft Fountain Sodas

Jun 5
PepsiCo is looking to launch a line of "craft" fountain sodas made with sugar in hopes of appealing to people who may shun big soda brands.

Subway Joins Trend of Dropping Artificial Ingredients

By Candice Choi | Jun 4
The sandwich chain known for its marketing itself as a fresher alternative to hamburger chains will remove artificial flavors, colors and preservatives from its menu in North America by 2017.

11 thru 20 of 2901 Stories