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Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert Marries Female Partner

FAMILY | By John McDonald | Apr 2
Actress and co-host of the CBS daytime show, "The Talk," Sara Gilbert married music producer Linda Perry Sunday, nearly a year after Gilbert announced their engagement last April.

Sunnie Kahle, 8, was recently told by administrators at Timberlake Christian Schools in Virginia that she needed to start acting more feminine

Timberlake Christian Defends Kicking Out Tomboy

NATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Mar 31
In the continuing saga of a Virginia Christian school who kicked out an eight-year-old tomboy for being too butch, the school is now defending its actions.

A Texas Montessori school said no to the Landry family

Texas Montessori School Rejects Toddler with Two Moms

FAMILY | By Winnie McCroy | Mar 28
A Tarrant County, Texas, Montessori school turned away a toddler this week because he has two moms.

Tomboy Sunnie Kahle left Timberlake Christian when they told her to act like a girl

Christian School in Virginia Drives Eight-Year-Old Tomboy Out

LOCAL | By Winnie McCroy | Mar 26
A Christian school in Virginia has reportedly driven out an eight-year-old girl because of her "boyish looks," saying that God had made her female, and she should dress and act as such.

Nasir Khawaja, left, and Mark Sarver stand outside in line to apply for a marriage license at the Oakland County Clerks office in Pontiac, Mich.,

Gay Marriage in Michigan Halted by Appeals Court

FAMILY | By Emma Fidel | Mar 23
An appeals court reinstituted Michigan’s constitutional ban on gay marriage, but not before several hundred same-sex couples rushed to the state’s county clerk’s offices to get hitched.

April DeBoer, second from left, sits with her adopted daughter Ryanne, 3, left, and Jayne Rowse, fourth from left, and her adopted sons Jacob, 3, middle, and Nolan, 4, right

Michigan’s First Gay Marriage License Issued

FAMILY | By Emma Fidel | Mar 22
Two women were the first gay couple to marry in Michigan on Saturday, one day after the state’s ban on gay marriage, approved by voters in a landslide in 2004, was scratched from the state constitution by a federal judge.

The FAP helps keeps families with LGBT youth safe

Family Acceptance Project Prevents LGBT Teen Suicide

FAMILY | By Winnie McCroy | Mar 20
The Family Acceptance Project has announced plans to launch the first family-focused program to prevent suicide and homelessness among LGBT youth and young adults.

Bostic v. Rainey plaintiffs Carol Schall and Mary Townley

U.S. Appeals Court Issues Orders, Consolidates Challenges to Virginia’s Marriage Ban

FAMILY | By John Riley | Mar 13
The U.S. Appeals Court for the Fourth Circuit on Monday issued three orders relating to two pending cases challenging Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Sam Everingham, global director of Families Through Surrogacy, right, with his partner, Philip Copeland, and daughters, Zoe and Ruby

Gay Surrogacy Conference Heads to San Francisco

FAMILY | By Heather Cassell | Mar 13
Gay couples and individuals seeking to be parents will be able to learn about the international surrogacy market and speak with more than 30 experts at a daylong conference this weekend in San Francisco.

GOP Gay Marriage Division on Display at Conference

FAMILY | By Jonathan J. Cooper | Mar 10
Young Republican activists implored their party to support gay marriage Saturday, saying the GOP is destined to continue losing elections in Oregon if it doesn’t get behind an issue that’s gaining traction around the country.