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Believe it Or Not: Santorum's Views on Bruce Jenner

On Saturday Rick Santorum showed a rare glimpse of compassion and understanding on transgender issues by saying, "If he says he's a woman, then he's a woman," referring to Olympian Bruce Jenner. By Sunday, Santorum was back to being Santorum.

Bruce Jenner in the Spotlight for 2 'Kardashians' Specials

If you didn't hear enough about Bruce Jenner's gender transition during his recent interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, the E! network wants to fix that.

Fox Contributor Comes Out in New Book: 'So, I'm Gay'

POLITICS | By Jason St. Amand | May 5
Young conservative radio host and Fox News contributor Guy Benson reveals in his new book that he's gay.

Ellen Albertini Dow, 'Wedding Singer' Rapper, Dies at 101

Ellen Albertini Dow, a feisty character actress best known for her salty rendition of "Rapper's Delight" in "The Wedding Singer," has died. She was 101.

Huckabee, the Other Man From Hope, Opens 2016 Bid

POLITICS | By Bill Barrow and Andrew DeMillo | May 5
Former Gov. Mike Huckabee has declared his candidacy for president in the hometown he shares with former President Bill Clinton - Hope, Arkansas. It's his second run for the Republican nomination.

Comedy in Dallas? Cho Enough!

NATIONAL | By Jenny Block | May 5
Margaret Cho is heading to Dallas for shows at the Addison Improv May 8-10, and she shared her thoughts about women's bodies, LGBT rights and bullying.

Pacquiao Could Face Disciplinary Action for Shoulder

SPORTS | By Tim Dahlberg | May 5
Manny Pacquiao could face disciplinary action from Nevada boxing officials for failing to disclose a shoulder injury before his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Wal-Mart Refuses to Write 'Gay' on Promposal Cake for Gay/Straight BFFs

A Wal-Mart in Las Vegas refused to write the word "gay" on a cake to celebrate a publicized prom date between two best friends; one gay and one straight.

Clinton to Call for 'Full and Equal Path to Citizenship'

POLITICS | By Ken Thomas | May 5
Hillary Rodham Clinton intends to draw an early distinction with Republicans on illegal immigration, pointing to a pathway to citizenship as an essential part of any overhaul in Congress.

National Foster Care Month Emphasizes Every Child Deserves a Family

FAMILY | By EDGE | May 5
Family Equality Council has announced its 2015 National Adoption Month Campaign to coincide with the re-introduction of the Every Child Deserves a Family Act in May.

11 thru 20 of 24793 Stories