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More Rain, Flooding Forecast Along Soggy East Coast

NATIONAL | By Seth Borenteindavid Disheneau | Oct 3
Even with Hurricane Joaquin no longer as big of a threat, the weekend promises little relief for the most waterlogged parts of the East Coast.

Florina Makes Distortion of Planned Parenthood a Centerpiece

POLITICS | By Bill Barrow | Oct 3
Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina has spent the last two weeks repeating an erroneous description of videos secretly recorded by anti-abortion activists.

Women Angered Over Drug Deal Ripoff Calls Cops

A Ft. Myers woman reportedly called 911 to report to the police that her drug dealer hadn't doled out the right amount of drugs, and got arrested herself.

HRC to Honor Tim Cook at National Dinner

NATIONAL | By John Riley | Oct 3
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) announced that Apple CEO Tim Cook will receive HRC's Visibility Award at its 19th annual HRC National Dinner on Saturday, Oct. 3.

North Carolina Local Nondiscrimination Ordinances Stay Intact

NATIONAL | By John Riley | Oct 3
A bill that was amended to potentially strip away the ability of local municipalities from enacting their own ordinances was defeated Tuesday after a bloc of Republicans in the North Carolina House of Representatives defected.

Man of Steal? Cops Say Superman Shirt Was Suspect's Undoing

CRIME | Oct 3
Police in the Philadelphia suburbs say the Man of Steal was undone by his Superman T-shirt.

Vatican Confirms Pope Met With Gay Student, Partner

RELIGION | By Nicole Winfield | Oct 2
The Vatican is confirming that the only "audience" the pope had while he was in Washington was with a former student and his family: Yayo Grassi, an openly gay Argentine who visited Francis with his longtime partner and some friends.

New Jersey Candidate Quits Race After Book of Rants Surfaces

POLITICS | By Michael Catalini | Oct 2
A Republican candidate for the state Assembly dropped out of the race after a book he wrote surfaced that includes rants against Asians, gays, immigrants, breast-feeding moms and others.

Hillary Clinton Reportedly Turned Down HRC Keynote for 'SNL' Appearance

A new report from the New York Times claims Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton turned down the opportunity to give the keynote address at the Human Rights Campaign gala this Saturday in Washington, D.C., so she could appear on "SNL."

PopeMeet: 'Funny or Die' Video Spoofs Pope's Meeting with Kim Davis

How did a thrice divorced non-Catholic with a history of adultery and not "doing unto others..." get a date with Pope Francis? It's simple. She used PopeMeet.

11 thru 20 of 27388 Stories