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Hulu Pulls '19 Kids' After Allegations Against Josh Duggar

May 29
Hulu has pulled the reality series "19 Kids and Counting" from its lineup, following reports of sexual misconduct allegations against one of the stars, Josh Duggar, stemming from when he was a juvenile.

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California Quakin': Dwayne Johnson on 'San Andreas'

By Fred Topel | May 29
In the disaster epic "San Andreas," Dwayne Johnson plays a first responder out to save his estranged wife and daughter as a huge earthquake devastates the California coast. EDGE spoke to the former wrestling star about the film.

Cinema Review :: Heaven Knows What

By Jake Mulligan | May 29
The film plays in the mode of melodrama: The doomed affair between Harley and Ilya wouldn't be out of place in a Douglas Sirk film.

Cinema Review :: Sunset Edge

By Phil Hall | May 29
Two tales of emotionally isolated young people converge at an abandoned trailer park.

Cinema Review :: San Andreas

By Kevin Taft | May 29
Phenomenally entertaining and starring a game and able cast, "San Andreas" finally gets the disaster movie right.

Cinema Review :: Aloha

By Kevin Taft | May 29
Cameron Crowe's latest is a jumbled mess of clich├ęd ideas thrown into a pot of confusion and starring great actors who have all been better elsewhere.

Cinema Review :: Sunshine Superman

By Monique Rubens Krohn | May 29
A documentary about the founder of BASE jumping, Carl Boenish, the love of his life, his wife Jean, and the story of how the sport evolved.

Cinema Review :: Results

By Kevin Taft | May 29
Despite not having an earth-shattering premise, Andrew Bujarksi's new film employs three terrific actors to make an ultimately compelling character study about three lost souls looking for "Results."

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Hot Tub Time Machine 2

By Ken Tasho | May 28
The recent criticism for this sequel gets justified in a Blu-ray release, where laughter doesn't come often and the comedic actors try way too hard.

Millennial Director's Senior Moment :: Talking With Brett Haley

By Jake Mulligan | May 27
30-year old director Brett Haley didn't follow the trend of his peers. Instead of making a movie of his own experiences, he chose to follow the life of a 70-year-old widow (Blythe Danner) returning to the dating pool in "I'll See You in My Dreams."

Living Two Lives :: Tab Hunter Talks Hollywood, the Closet & His 'Confidential' Doc

By Bill Biss | May 27
Tab Hunter walked a tightrope in 1950s Hollywood when being out and gay was verboten. He came out in his 2006 autobiography; now that book has been made into a doc film. EDGE spoke to Hunter about his career.

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