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Soylent Liquid Meals Reimagine Daily Nutrition

Aug 5
What if you never need to worry about food again?

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The Top iPhone and iPad Apps on App Store

App Store Official Charts for the week ending August 3, 2015.

Hitchhiking Robot Beaten and Left for Dead, US Trip Ends

A hitchhiking robot that captured the hearts of fans worldwide met its demise in the U.S.

Soylent Liquid Meals Reimagine Daily Nutrition

What if you never need to worry about food again?

Police Pose as Homeless to Nab Distracted Drivers

LEGAL | Aug 5
Despite all the warnings and tragedies, an average of 660,000 drivers are distracted behind the wheel, busy with cell phones or other electronics. Police in one California city are taking an unusual approach to stop the potentially deadly habit.

Fearful of Being Left Out to Dry, Bond Funds Hold More Cash

FINANCE | By Stan Choe | Aug 5
Imagine the bond market as a crowded swimming pool, except it's one where the water level drops whenever someone tries to leave. By the time you attempt to get out, you're stuck at the bottom, unable to exit because the ladder is 10 feet above your head.

India Orders Telecoms to Block Porn Sites

LEGAL | By Muneeza Naqvi | Aug 4
India has ordered Internet service providers to block access to more than 850 adult websites in what the government has described as a way to protect social decency.

US Consumer Spending Edges Up in June

FINANCE | By Martin Crutsinger | Aug 4
Consumer spending in June rose by the smallest amount in four months as shoppers cut back on purchases of cars and other big-ticket items.

You're Gay, Now What? New LGBT Social Platform Launches

MOOVZ, a global LGBT social platform (the first real social network for the LGBT community) created by Interacting Technology, announced the official launch of their new global campaign.

Tesla Offers 1st Incentive in Owner Referral Program

Electric car maker Telsa Motors Inc. is offering its first incentive, $1,000 to new-car buyers who are referred by current Tesla owners.

Cake: The New Favorite Mode for American Political Debate?

LEGAL | By Deepti Hajela | Aug 3
It should be a piece of cake. Customer comes in, asks for a cake with a specific design or for a particular event, baker makes it, everyone's happy.

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