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’60 Minutes’ Investigates High-Frequency Trading

Apr 1
"60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft revealed Sunday night how a few stock market insiders are making billions in high-frequency trading. Kroft spoke with author of "Flash Boys," about how insiders are raising the costs of stocks for ordinary investors.

Money Matters :: Debit or Credit?

By Ric Reilly | Mar 28
I am never asked, because I don’t use a debit card. There is not a debit card in my wallet. When one arrives from the bank I immediately cut it up and dispose of it. And here’s why...

US Retail Sales Rebounded 0.3 Percent in February

By Josh Boak | Mar 14
U.S. retail sales bounced back in February after suffering a steep decline during a bitterly cold January. Shoppers spent more on autos, clothing and furniture. The Commerce Department said that seasonally-adjusted retail sales rose 0.3 percent.

Keeping Hackers Out of Your Financial Accounts

Mar 13
It’s not just credit cards that are vulnerable. Your bank and brokerage accounts are also susceptible to cyber crime. CBS MoneyWatch describes how hackers can obtain your bank and brokerage information and the steps necessary block them.

Pump Up Your Wallet!

By David Auten and John Schneider | Mar 8
Being in picture-perfect financial shape is similar to achieving the perfect body: Rather than calorie-counting, it comes down to money in versus money out.

Teen Sues Parents for College Money

Mar 6
An honor student and cheerleader at Morris Catholic High School, in New Jersey, is suing her parents, claiming they abandoned her when she turned 18, refusing to pay for college. WCBS’ Christine Sloan reports.

Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim Helu holds a press conference at the Forbes Global CEO conference in Sydney.

A List of the Top 10 Forbes Billionaires

Mar 5
A list of the world’s 10 richest people, according to the latest annual tally by Forbes magazine.

Ahead of the Bell: Facebook Shares Stumble

Feb 21
Shares of Facebook slipped Thursday morning after the world’s biggest social networking site surprised Wall Street by spending $19 billion on the messaging service WhatsApp.

Downside of Low Inflation: A Weaker Global Economy

By Christopher S. Rugaber | Feb 20
Since the Great Recession ended 4¬Ĺ years ago, Americans have struggled with high unemployment, static pay and a slow economy. Yet they’ve had one thing in their favor: low inflation. What’s wrong with very low inflation? Lots.

US Credit Card Late Payments Up in 4Q From 3Q

By Alex Veiga | Feb 18
Many Americans took on more credit card debt and failed to make timely payments in the final quarter of 2013, when consumers typically crank up spending on holiday shopping.